Our company guarantees that all our products are made from 100% genuine natural Baltic amber and You can be assured that all our amber is real authentic Baltic Amber.

We offer individual Certificate of Authenticity cards to come with each product, you can purchase them for a small fee here on our website

These Certificates of Authenticity specifies that the amber used in our products has been tested to verify that the amber is real. The Certificates guarantees that we use only natural raw amber, properly processed to obtain the highest quality final product, free of artificial pressed amber.   

Products, manufactured by our company, have been tested by the State Research Institute, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology using FT-IR spectra tests. State Research Institute, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology verified that the Baltic amber  products, manufactured by our company, is authentic Baltic Sea amber, as shown by FT-IR spectra. 


Pop-out clasp baby teething necklaces are bracelets, manufactured by our company, are tested and passed the safety certificate for requested age grading under 3 years and meets E71 Requirements according to the European safety products standards.


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